“Rocket Man” (Official Music Video)

“Give It To Me” (Live)

“Tennessee Whiskey, Honey” (2nd Single 2018)

“Englishman In New York” (Sting Cover)

“Red Drops” (Single & Title Track 2018)

“Billie Jean” (Official Music Video)

“Just Kiddin'” (Live)

“La Rosa Negra” (Live)

“Jumping” (In The Studio)

“Feel It Still” (Snippet Portugal The Man Cover)

Video Credits: Benjamin Knoebl, Arran Alps, Mario del Bello, Jordan Charles, Markus Illko (Rocket Man). Lucas Negroni, Mario del Bello (Billie Jean). Sascha Wanner (Live). Daniel Schwarz (Red Drops, Jumping, Tennessee Whiskey Honey). Markus Illko, Art Zavala Jr. (Feel It Still).