Based in Los Angeles, California, The String Revolution is comprised of four professional virtuoso guitar players who create distinctive sounds with their guitars: mimicking percussion, special effects, melodic grooves, bass lines, and more. They share a passion for many different musical styles and guitar techniques which has given The String Revolution a unique sound. This is evident in their studio recordings and live shows. A clear dedication and hard work ethic for the project brought The String Revolution together.

The band includes former Randy Rhoads student Janet Robin (named in the “Top 50 Acoustic Guitarist bonus list” by Guitar Player Magazine, 2017), who is also an acclaimed touring guitarist with the likes of Lindsey Buckingham, Meredith Brooks, Air Supply and many more, award winning Austrian nylon-string guitarist Markus Illko, Swiss multi-credited producer, songwriter, and guitarist Daniel Schwarz, and underground LA fav indie artist/guitarist Art Zavala Jr.

They released their first EP “Stringborn” in 2016 to rave reviews and jam-packed shows, and their newest CD, “Red Drops” was released in 2019. Both records were mixed and mastered in London by producer/engineer Matt Hyde, known for his production and engineering work with guitarists, Rodrigo y Gabriela as well as engineering and mixing Slipknot’s Grammy nominated albums. The String Revolution’s cover version of “Billie Jean” reached the Top 10 Spotify LA Instrumental Charts and their songs on Spotify have reached over 2 Million plays in total. They have been selling out several Los Angeles notable clubs such as Hotel Cafe, Boulevard Music, The Mint, and many music festivals as they continue to tour nationally and soon, internationally. In 2019, the band was invited to perform at The Grammy Museum in The Clive Davis Theater for their prestigious American Express sponsored concert series.

With memorable songs, unique arrangements, and exceptional musicianship, The String Revolution is no doubt a new force in the world of music and guitar performance.

The String Revolution - Photo - Markus Illko

Markus Illko

Markus Illko is an Austrian born award-winning classical guitarist that was nominated for the best soundtrack at the “Sport Film Festival Palermo.” He holds a Masters Degree in Music from the University of Music and Arts in Graz (Austria) with a mark of distinction and received the Price of Honor from the University of Music and Arts-Graz. He is also a film composer and has become known for his caffeinated and zany point of view, yet strongly thematic and memorable film scores that impart unique character to a wide array of styles from symphonic/orchestral music to European electronic music.

The String Revolution - Photo - Janet Robin

Janet Robin

Music audiences around the world have seen Janet Robinʼs incredible guitar work as a former touring member of Lindsey Buckingham’s Band (from Fleetwood Mac), Meredith Brooks, Michelle Shocked, Air Supply, Precious Metal and more. She is a student of the legendary Randy Rhoads and has been a professional musician for over 30 years. In 2017, USA Guitar Player Magazine one of the “Top 50 Acoustic Guitar Players” in their bonus list, and Guitar World Magazine has named her one of the “10 best female guitar players”. In 2015, Janet was hand-picked to coach Academy Award Nominee, Jennifer Jason Leigh on guitar for a scene in Quentin Tarantinoʼs film “The Hateful Eight”.

The String Revolution - Photo - Daniel Schwarz

Daniel Schwarz

Daniel Schwarz was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. He is an acclaimed musician with skills on electric, acoustic and slide guitars, dobro, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica. He’s also a successful songwriter and producer for numerous records and a former staff writer for Warner/Chappell Music. Daniel’s credits also include contributions as a session player, producer, and creative content manager on many music projects in various styles such as rock, pop, dance, blues, world music, folk and country. In addition to the creation and production of music, he has gained extensive experience as Head of Music and Radio Producer for two major radio networks in Europe.

The String Revolution - Photo - Art Zavala Jr.

Art Zavala Jr.

Underground LA fav indie artist/guitarist Art Zavala Jr. is a native of the Los Angeles area indie music scene, with his captivating and melodic guitar style he has performed with and/or produced many renowned LA area indie bands such as The Little Magic Band, Vista Point, Smiling Beth, Gabriel J. Villa, Jean Marie, and many more. He is also known for his passion for writing, recording and producing other artists out of his own home studio which doubles as a venue called The Up & Up that hosts a lot of up and coming bands. “Trying to keep an undistracted and open heart as I navigate the ever-growing noises that make up my sound.” – Art Zavala Jr.


“Diversity from rock to folk to latin keeps the listener engaged, especially since four exceptional guitarists are at work!”


“The four guitar masters present themselves as brilliant musicians and fine composers, check them out!”

MICHELLE SHOCKED Singer/Songwriter

“Stellar, stunning, celestial, out of this world beautiful and I think it’s gonna be a long long time before anything lights up the sky like this touchdown. The Revolution run rings around the strings, burns with a brighter fuse. Great work, guys! Go, Janet! You’ve taken your previous work with Lindsey Buckingham to another level.”

POP Magazine

“The 4 guitarists do not let boredom arise! The varied, well-crafted guitar work is also warmly recommended to non-guitarists.”


“Janet Robin – Top 50 Acoustic Guitarist in the World.”


“Top 10 Female Guitarist Janet Robin”

Youtube Review

“Such a perfect blend of musicianship, sound, atmosphere… my new happy place, BRAVO! such and amazing piece and simply powerful version…. thank you.”

iTunes Review

“What a unique and refreshing experience! The String Revolution is a gifted group with such musicality and creativity.”


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