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Upcoming events:

2019 January 27, 4:00pm: Live at NAMM Show, Museum of Making Music Booth, Anaheim, CA.

2019 February 10, 2:00pm: Live at the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market, Los Angeles, CA.

2019 April 20: Showcase, Tosco Music Party, Charlotte, NC.

2019 May 18, 4:00pm: House Concert, Big Bear Lake, CA.

2020 February 21, 7:00pm: Fiddler’s Crossing, Tehachapi, CA.

Past shows:

2019 January 10, 8:00pm:Live atThe Cinema Bar, Culver City, CA. 2018 December 8, 8:00pm: Live at The Fret House, Covina, CA. 2018 September 15, 8:00pm: CD Release Show live at Boulevard Music, Culver City, CA. 2018 April 27, 7:00pm: Live at NAMM Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad, CA. 2018 February 3: House Concert, Anaheim, CA. 2017 December 2, 8:00pm: Live at The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA. 2017 September 9, 4:00pm: Live at Full Moon Saturdays, House Concert, Pasadena, CA. 2017 August 27: House Concert, Culver City, CA. 2017 August 26: House Concert, Los Angeles, CA. 2017 August 21, 6:00pm: Live at Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach, CA. 2017 July 2, 8:00pm: Live at Soho House, Little Beach House, Malibu, CA. 2017 May 20, 8:00pm: Private Event,  San Diego, CA. 2017 May 19, 8:00pm: Live at the Lestat’s,  San Diego, CA. 2017 April 8, 8:00pm: Live at Boulevard Music,  Culver City, CA. 2017 February 26, 7:00pm: Live at The Coffee Gallery,  Altadena, CA. 2017 January 28, 9:00pm: Guest appearance on Janet Robin & Christie Lenee’s show at the Genghis Cohen, Hollywood, CA. 2016 November 16, 9:00pm: Live at the Sofar Sounds, Space Camp,  Los Angeles, CA. 2016 October 15, 7:30pm: CD release show live at The Mint, Los Angeles. 2016 April 9, 9:00pm: Live at the Lestat’s, San Diego. 2016 January 30, 8:30pm: Live at the Genghis Cohen, Hollywood. 2015 August 23, 8pm: Guest appearance on Janet Robin’s show at The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood.